Texas Bike Tours Reviews

Perfect way to preview Austin!

This was an amazing tour that was customized not only to fit the locations we wanted to see, but matched to our personalities. Through email correspondence, Deaton learned about our group (two couples) and laid out the perfect route for us. The route included some of the tourist hotspots, but even better, included off the beaten path sights that suited us well.

Deaton met us with bikes, helmets, water, and a tasty granola bar ready to go. She was so upbeat and friendly. She was as excited about us going on the tour as we were. Every detail was pre-planned and executed by Deaton. We did not have to do anything but show up!

Jacob was our personal tour guide. He was incredibly friendly and did a wonderful job taking us around the city. He gave us great information about the sites we were seeing. He made the tour so much fun, We really didn’t want the tour to end!

We booked this tour for the first morning of our 3 day stay. We learned quickly that this was a smart move. Many of the places we visited during our stay were already pointed out on the bike tour. It made Austin feel comfortable to us, and we even looked into some of the fun Austin locales based on what we saw on the tour.

We ended our tour at a brewery, per our request. Deaton met us in the parking lot with cool, rosemary scented cloths to refresh ourselves with, along with an awesome, locally crafted, and designed by Jacob, bicycle key ring to keep as a memento of our ride. Deaton and Jacob returned our bikes for us, again, doing all of the work.

In addition to everything, Jacob took photographs of our group throughout the tour. By the end of the day, we had a link to a Google Drive folder with all of the photos, for no additional charge!

Texas Bike Tour provides more than just a tour. It is a personal experience suited to meet your needs and desires. We found a diamond here! The tour was the highlight of our trip!


May 26, 2017 | Trip Adviser
Renee Wilcox

Best road bike guides on a bike tour.

This group of friends take annual road cycling trips all over the world. Temecula, Solvang, Tucson, and Italy are a few trips they mentioned. They enjoyed the TXBT custom-routes designed with their cycling experience and comfort with cycling in mind, the SAG wagon that followed with the nutrition they enjoyed, and the camaraderie they developed with the local guides. The two guides in Austin and the two guides in Fredericksburg all agreed that this was a fun group to guide. The two lead cyclists in the group offered to be a reference for us. Their contact information will be provided upon request. One is with a technology company and the other is with a large law firm. 

September 24, 2016 | Website
Deaton Bednar

Wonderful Austin Overview

Deaton is the most engaged bike tour operator we have experienced anywhere. Her objective is to get every detail just right so her clients have a memorable experience. We have been quite satisfied with bike tours we have taken in cities all over the world, despite most of them being “cookie cutter” and many time in groups. Deaton’s tour will require a little more of your time up front as she wants to get it just right for you, but it’s worth it. She also has access to comfortable bikes, provides water and a snack, some photos of you along the way….overall, a really wonderful experience.

February 21, 2017 | Trip Adviser
Tom Klein

The Best Mother-Daughter Trip!

I chose Fredericksburg to spend two days with my daughter and another mother/daughter based on Trip Advisor’s reviews…and I can’t say enough about our experience with Texas Bike Tours! From my initial contact, Deaton went above and beyond to customize our bike/culinary experience. down to the gluten-free granola bars, mint water in our bottles and cold rosemary towels upon our return. Chuck did an awesome job as our tour guide by giving us the opportunity to see the “real” Fredericksburg; charming, quaint and hospitable! And Bill Varney of UrbanHerbal created the most fabulous culinary experience with a luncheon in his greenhouse that he shared the recipes and cooking tips for; in addition to sampling all of his handmade aromatherapy and skin care products which we all ended up buying. This day couldn’t have been more perfect and provided us with the most wonderful memories, thanks to the photos taken by both Chuck & Deaton!

April 20, 2017 | Trip Adviser
Jane DeSimone

Perfect way to see the city!

Deaton is so attentive to every detail of your tour. She plans the route based on your personal interests, whether it be history, art, nature, or food trucks! Also, Linda was such a knowledgeable and enjoyable guide. We would have never seen so much of the city in a weekend if we did not take this tour. Seeing this city from the biking trails gives you good insight to the wonderful outdoor quality of life that Austin enjoys.

February 18, 2017 | Trip Adviser
Rae Ann Van Pelt

An amazing way to spend your day!!!

From the first point of contact it is clear that owner Deaton Bednar desires to give her clientele an experience they will remember forever. Not only is she a literal hive of information on all things “Austin” ( having lived there for over 35 years) but this is one funky cool lady!!!  
She has created multiple biking packages for every level of biking enthusiast which include the “romantic Austin” tour, the “Austin music scene and food truck” tour, and the “Austin Hill Country” tour. This year she created a new tour called the “roll and stroll” for those who may want to start out on the bikes and end with a brisk stroll/hike along the Austin Greenbelt and Barton Springs. Each tour is led by one of Deaton’s hand picked “pathfinders” who will guide you on your way, a stealth photographer who will take many candid shots, and a personal chef who whips up homemade snacks, a picnic lunch, and even a glass of bubbly or wine along the way…all tailored to your food tastes. If one of her pre-set tours doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, just tell her what you prefer and she will create an experience just for you!!!  
Trust me when I say that this is no ordinary bike tour and that it is quite possibly the best way ever to see and learn about a city I’ve ever encountered. By the end of your day on the bikes your brain will be full of interesting Austin facts and history, your body will feel strong and healthy, and your heart will be full and happy!!! What a perfect trifecta 🙂 

March 31, 2017 | Trip Adviser

Bike Tour and Romantic Dinner for Two

I wanted to do something special for my husband’s birthday, and thought a bike tour would be a perfect way for us to share something he really enjoys. I connected with Deaton and explained what I was looking for – she took it from there and created an amazing experience that we can’t stop talking about! We had a two-hour bike tour through Fredericksburg, learning about the local history and culture from an interesting and knowledgeable tour guide. Chuck let us pick up the pace and slow down as we wished.

Then we headed to URBANherbal, which is an eclectic spot – including gardens, art gallery, herbal products shop, and greenhouse. Mr. Bill Varney hosted us for a delicious and amazing dinner of 4 courses, selected just for us! We were warm and cozy in the greenhouse, being served each course at a relaxed pace, surrounded by plants and artwork. The ambiance was perfect – and it became even more romantic as the night became darker and we were enveloped in a cone of light from the beautiful chandeliers. Bill brings such obvious passion to his cooking, and to the gardens, the art gallery and the products that he makes by hand. It is clear that he has found his calling, in taking care of people through food and art!

And Deaton and her crew take care of their customers as well! This is something we won’t forget – and are looking forward to more trips with Texas Bike Tours!!

February 4, 2017 | Trip Adviser
Diana Ramberansingh

Anniversary of Opposites

This was the best activity!  Deaton and her crew created a perfect experience!  I race bikes; my husband didn’t own a bike.  The experience was a 10 for both of us.  The history, the locations, the attention to detail was first rate! Every tour is unique and custom.  We had a special anniversary dinner prepared.  Again, first rate.  You must give it a try! 

January 28, 2017 | Trip Adviser
Lisa Michele

Bike the Texas Hill Country With Excellent Guides

Texas Bike Tours is an excellent professionally managed organization—the owner was on top of details and flexible with options. We wanted a half day Texas Hill Country bike ride and were blown away by the ride we did with guide Rob. Very little traffic, fantastic scenery and views, and a great lunch in the little town of Comfort at the end. We’ve biked with tour groups all over the world and this experience was one of our best. Five+ stars!

February 6, 2017 | Trip Adviser
Diane Flynt

Une excursion autour d’Austin

Quelle belle expérience, ce fut une des plus belles randonnées de l’année. Un accueil de Deaton avec son sourire, un guide des plus intéressantset expérimenté, et une fin de parcours avec une douceur, soit une serviette fraîche au romarin , du jamais vu.

Translation: What a great experience. It was one of the best rides of the year. My host Deaton with her smile, a  most interesting and experienced guide, and ending with a cool Rosemary-scented towel, something I’ve never seen. Perfect ride! Thank you.

December 1, 2016 | Trip Adviser
Helene Racine